Another new training module started by the PPHS

The right to access public information plays an important role in the functioning of every democratic law-abiding state and directly influences citizens’ sense of security. On the other hand, employees of institutions whose responsibility is to provide public information and to edit the Public Information Bulletin are required to ensure the safety and protection of such data, including personal data.

The large number of laws and regulations that apply to access to public information leads to numerous problems with interpretation. In order to address this issue, the Polish Platform for Homeland Security is offering training titled “Provision of public information in practice”.

The key benefit to the attendees of this training is the systematization and expansion of knowledge about access to public information. The training focuses on analyzing practical situations that are to specific provisions of law and is intended for persons in charge of this problem.

During the training, the attendees will become familiar with laws that govern the procedure of provision of public information and with the forms of requests for provision of public information and the associated limitations, and will also perform a detailed analysis of the procedure, starting from the submission of a request and ending with a cassation appeal filed with the Supreme Administrative Court. The training will focus in particular on the rules of practical application of regulations: proper qualification of requests and safe provision of information and presentation of the positions of administrative courts adjudicating on doubts related to interpretation of contents of the relevant act.

The next training session will be held in Wroclaw, on 3 March 2017. The attendees who complete the training will receive certificates issued by the Polish Platform for Homeland Security.

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