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An outdoor game for youth – A new initiative involving PPHS

Improving security across all age groups has a positive impact on the overall functioning of society. As a result, PPHS engages in a variety of activities aimed at both young and old people.

We are currently working on a new project for children. It will involve developing an outdoor game for people aged 13 and up, with the goal of educating them about the most significant areas, the risk of demoralisation, and criminal offenses. This initiative will be carried out in collaboration with the Regional Police Headquarters in Poznan’s Prevention Department.

The task grant is awarded by the City of Poznan as part of the contest “Combating Addictions and Social Pathologies” – an activity for the prevention of addictions and risky behaviours during “Sunday’s Chill Out – Preventive Family Picnic on Polana Harcerza.”

The event was aimed at children, youth, families, and seniors and covered topics such as security, health, ecology, new technologies, and anti-addiction initiatives. Advisory and support points were available for people who needed assistance during the picnic. The aforementioned outdoor game will be developed as a result of the research conducted there. It will be accessible to all city institutions, including police departments involved in security education.

The action is financed by the City of Poznan. Grant amount: PLN 8000.

An outdoor game for youth - A new initiative involving PPHS