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Acquisition and verification of information to support organizational and operational activities of public security agencies

Principal Investigator:

  • Professor Grzegorz Dobrowolski, Stanislaw Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology.

The institution performing the project:

  • Stanislaw Staszic AGH University of Science, Faculty of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, Department of Computer Science.

Purpose of the project:

The purpose of the project is to develop state-of-the-art information-technology solutions and tools that enable acquisition, verification, and analysis of information coming from different sources, identification of the identity of persons, and modeling of structures and strategies of criminal organizations.

Project description:

As a part of the project, solutions were developed to support the work of the Police and other public security agencies. The demand for tools and functionalities had been defined earlier based on the evaluation of the results of the project titled “Use of artificial intelligence methods and agent technologies to support operating and investigative activities and evidence procedures, taking into account Internet crimes” which was also performed by the Department of Computer Science of the AGH University of Science and Technology. This made it possible to refine the requirements of potential users and then to deliver a number of functionalities corresponding to the needs of Polish criminal intelligence analysis experts.

The works performed in the framework of the project covered, among others, the following areas:

  • Support of criminal intelligence analysis by providing tools for integration, analysis, and visualization of heterogeneous data coming from various sources (LINK ver. 1.0);
  • Gathering and verification of information (in particular assets declarations) concerning police officers and civil servants (SOM);
  • Directed monitoring of online auction sites (expansions to the IBIS system).

The key result of the project is the integrated criminal intelligence analysis support environment LINK 4, version 1.0.This system provides a set of tools for integration, preliminary processing, and visualization of heterogeneous bulk data and is to support the process of inference and examination of criminal organization operating scenarios. Because LINK is an open-architecture platform that integrates various applications and methods of (semi)automatic data analysis that can be added to the system in the form of independently developed components without the need to modify the source code, it’s functionalities can be further expanded and the system can be adjusted to meet the requirements of specific entities performing criminal intelligence analysis.

The following functionalities of the LINK environment are the following:

  • Importing data – the import wizard enables reading in graph data (especially telephone bill data) in different input formats and checking its correctness. The work is facilitated by import templates that describe and accelerate the entire process, e.g. templates for importing telephone bills issued by Polish telephone operator companies;
  • Work on any data – the current version of the system provides a set of tools to perform advanced operations on data of various structures (telephone bills, bank transfer data, address books, etc.), such as processing, filtering, visualization, and preparation of statistics and compilations;
  • Visualization of data – the visualization components enable processing of data into diagrams that show the relationships between the analyzed objects. The advanced options of the tool enable viewing data in tables, editing and printing of diagrams, exporting graphic models into different formats, and integrating the results with other applications;
  • Support of preparation of final reports – this functionality makes it possible to present the results of the analysis in a form that is suitable for use as evidence. The LINK environment is currently being implemented in units of the Police, the Border Guard, and other public security agencies.

More information can be found at the project website at:

Project financed by The National Centre for Research and Development