PPHS’ Strategy

The Strategy defines the direction to be taken by the PPHS in its activities in the coming years, specifies the strategic objectives, and indicates the tools needed to achieve those objectives, as well as proposals related to financing of the activities. The Strategy was developed in response to the changes in the trends in crime that have been observed and with reference to the current research and development environment in the area of internal security.

In order for the outcomes of the works conducted in the framework of the PPHS to fully meet the expectations of the institutions for which the Platform was established, the Strategy was elaborated in cooperation with agencies and institutions responsible for national security and the security of citizen. The following institutions were invited to work on the Strategy: Internal Security Agency, National Security Bureau, Government Protection Bureau, Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, State Fire Service, Police, Government Security Center, Customs Service, Prison Service, Border Guard, and Military Police.

We would like to present the Strategy of the Polish Platform for Homeland Security for the years 2015-2020.

The Strategy was presented on 17 June 2015 at the Primate’s Palace in Warsaw during the PPHS’s Conference titled “Research and development projects in the area of internal security – new challenges, new prospects. Presentation of the PPHS’s Strategy for the years 2015-2020”.