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A publication under the patronage of the PPHS: “Cybersecurity for anyone. Protect your data… in a simple way”

We are happy to inform you about publication of another book under the patronage of the Polish Platform for Homeland Security. The book is “Cybersecurity for anyone. Protect your data… in a simple way” by Mariusz Szarek.

This is a handbook intended to show the hazards to which Internet users are exposed to. The author describes the causes of such hazards and the ways to identify them. The readers learn about both the ways to protect against the dangers and the possible ways to act in the event of a “cyberattack”. The book explains and shows why the personal data of Internet users is valuable to cybercriminals and what techniques they use to get such data. The publication is intended for all Internet users.

The editor of the book is Marcin Golizda-Blizinski, a Cybersecurity Expert of the PPHS and a former Head of the Cybercrime Department of the National Police Headquarters.