A Polish-Ukrainian webinar on security, hybrid threats, and human rights

On 7-8 September, PPHS and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine jointly organized a webinar entitled “Polish-Ukrainian webinar on security, hybrid threats, and human rights.” The event was organized on the basis of the Cooperation Agreement concluded between PPHS and the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior.

The purpose of the webinar was to share experience, define possible fields of cooperation in the future, and discuss the interest in the implementation of joint projects. From the standpoint of the Ukrainian partners, PPHS has unique experience in implementing European projects and participating in European cooperation networks.

The webinar consisted of four subject-specific blocks: hybrid threats, cyber security, radicalization, and human rights in the operations of uniformed services. Each block featured Polish and Ukrainian experts sharing experience in their fields from the perspective of their countries. Ukraine is a country that is associated with the EU, hence Poland’s experience related to membership in the European Union was important. The Ukrainian partners were also interested in experience in implementing European standards in the functioning of the security sector and uniformed services.

The webinar was supported by the Leaders of Change Foundation as part of the Study Tours to Poland program funded by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.