A multimedia system supporting identification and suppression of crime (including violence in schools) and terrorism

Project coordinator:

  • Professor Andrzej Czyzewski – Gdansk University of Technology.

The institution performing the project:

  • Gdansk University of Technology, Department of Electronics, Telecommunication, and Informatics, Chair of Multimedia Systems.

Project objective:

To develop new solutions for monitoring objects and areas in order to automatically detect threats related to criminal activity and terrorism.

Project description:

In the course of the project, prototypes of autonomous devices, using modern technologies for collecting and analyzing data in multimedia form (vision, sound, signals from motion detectors, RFID identifiers, biometric sensors, and others), will be made and tested. As a result, it will be possible to intelligently and continuously register and classify events, to collect data on vehicle movements and abnormal behavior of persons, to identify fugitives, and to send data in a wireless way to law enforcement officers in the field, to dispatch centers, or to crisis management centers.

The computer software to be developed will support automatic detection of potentially dangerous situations, to include rapid gathering of many persons in one place, a person s fall, abandoned luggage or other objects, call for help in one of many languages, extensive usage of a car horn, continuous violation of traffic regulations by a car driver in the monitored metropolitan area, abnormally increased road traffic at night, etc. The use of microphones together with sound processing algorithms will make it possible not only to recognize calls for help, the sound of a broken window pane or other signals indicating dangerous situations, but also to determine where the sound comes from, and then to automatically direct a camera towards that spot and to send video and audio signals to the center through a secured and coded connection.


Project financed by The National Centre for Research and Development