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Meetings with Judge Anna Maria Wesołowska on contemporary threats to the safety of children and youth

In November this year, PPHS organized a series of meetings and training courses in educational institutions entitled “Contemporary Threats to Children and Youth,” hosted by retired judge Anna Maria Wesołowska. The purpose of the events was to spread knowledge about new threats and forms of violence against minors, including peer violence.

The meetings were attended by students, parents, teachers, members of interdisciplinary committees and committees for solving alcohol problems, employees of social assistance centers, probation officers, and representatives of aid services, such as the police and the fire brigade. During the meetings, the principles of child and youth responsibility, the importance of early integrated prevention in creating safe schools, and the role of legal education were discussed. Moreover, the problems and challenges faced by educational and aid institutions in their everyday work were presented.

Anna Maria Wesołowska – a retired judge, co-author of the Act on immunity witnesses and an expert on organized crime. She initiated a program for participation of 15-18 years old students in court hearings, as a form of legal education. In addition, she stars in the popular court show Judge Anna Maria Wesołowska, broadcast in 2006-2011 and since 2019, playing the title character herself.

(Photo sources: King John III Sobieski Elementary School in Kańczuga, Ewaryst Estkowski Elementary School in Kostrzyn, Group of Schools in Kańczuga, and Group of Schools in Tarczyn)